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Designing and Manufacturing
High-Performance & Energy-Efficient Servers
for Data Centers, HPC and Cloud

2CRSi is a French global Tech group, active in the IT & Computer Hardware industry. As a world class player in high performance and high efficiency server technology, the 2CRSi Group develops, manufactures, and distributes end-to-end energy-efficient computing solutions.


Through our different companies and brands, we deliver a broad range of IT solutions and services for a variety of markets, including cloud computing, datacenters, enterprise IT, big data, HPC, artificial intelligence, 5G , IoT, rugged PCs or embedded and edge computing.

The 2CRSi Group operates 6 complementary and global companies offering hardware solutions (2CRSi and Tranquil), datacenter housing & cloud services (Green Computing), IT consultancy & solution provider (Bios IT) and IT distribution networks / marketplace (Boston and Escape Technology). 

Our Value Proposition

Green IT


2CRSi is recognized globally for designing and engineering sustainable solutions that will lead the way to a greener future.

High Performance


Our Research and Developement teams focus on continuously optimizing our product lines and solutions. We also improve everyday our solution's efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use as active members of the Open Compute Foundation.



Everyday, our customer's specific needs drive our technical approach. From our existing offer to new developments, we customize our servers and related solutions according to our client's specific criteria. It is at the core of our value proposition.

Smart design


Our products and solutions are designed to be simple, flexible, and scalable. We allocate specific resources to your projects.


2CRSI builds products designed for different Data Center cooling technologies such as Air Cooling, Direct Liquid Cooling and Immersion Cooling. This allows customers greater flexibility of use of the compute and storage gear.

  • 19" Atlas Servers
    • 1 OU Open Compute servers with AMD/Intel 1/2 CPU sockets with 4 Full Hight​/Double Width GPU

  • 21" OCtoPus Servers

    • OCP DC (12V) Powered servers with different configurations of AMD/Intel CPU, GPUs and memory

  • 21" LOGe Servers

    • OCP AI-ready supercomputing infrastructure solution for all workloads at scale

  • Storage Servers

    • Comprehensive selection of storage solution for your Big Data and Big Analytics

  • Rugged Systems​

    • ​Our rugged IT range is formed on a simple vision based on customer needs and insights: IT equipment should be more reliable and produce less noise.

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