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We at Next Generation Green Technologies are committed to help pave way for customers and partners reduce their Carbon footprint, by planning more efficient way to build, upgrade or repurpose existing data centers using Immersion Cooling  for IT gear and green energy generation using Hydrogen.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Compute and Storage for High-Performance Compute, AI/ML, Edge Compute and High Frequency trading. With rollout of 5G networks, the compute is moving to less traditional environments, so we help customers design their rollout with velocity that is not available by traditional cooling of IT gear. Our IT experts provide Data Center solutions which can save up to 50% of a corporate data center cooling costs.

Hydrogen solutions provide alternative power generation for mission critical sites, such as Hospitals, Power Distribution Facilities, Hotel, Mobility (4G, 5G) sites, Robots and Vehicles. We represent several companies in the field providing Green Hydrogen utilizing Electrolyzers, Storage and Fuel Cell's for electricity generation.


Our team provides a variety of deliverables and consulting services while addressing one of the major challenges, Capex/Opex reduction and power consumption. Our innovative spirit, decades of experience, deep industry insights and unmatched Data Center technology expertise is the foundation of everything we do.


We help customers and partners who require best in class performance with our uncompromising engineering practices and design methodologies that exceed stringent environmental requirements and industry standards.


News Clip on Immersion Cooling solutions provided by us at MedOne that was broadcasted on channel 13 on July 7th.

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