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Immersion Cooling

Definitely, 95% more efficient than traditional cooling technologies.

Also known as liquid submersion cooling. It is the practice of submerging computer components (or full servers) in a thermally, but not electrically, conductive liquid (dielectric coolant) allowing higher heat transfer performance than air and many other benefits.

Immersion cooling technologies are already in a market for several decades. Hyper scalers like Alibaba are using this for several years. Recently Microsoft at the Azure Data Center update session (min 41), announced that they are starting deploying Immersion Cooling at their Washington State DC. Both Google and MSFT are backing up from Sea Floor Submerged DC Containers. Check out an article from Microsoft

What is possible implementation of immersion cooling? Companies are using this technology in variety of use cases. It is used for green/brown field designs of Data Canters and Edge compute. Our partner vendors manufacture product lines starting from small footprint Micro Pods to Data Center in a BOX that includes the full infrastructure for mobile Data Center, allowing customer to quickly deploy their compute needs whenever they need.

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