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OEM Server Appliance Manufacturing, Rack-Scalable  HPC Design, Engineering and Integration

Your unique products deserve a unique approach
Standing out in a market can be difficult, that’s why you need a partner that reflects your differentiation strategy

Founded in 1979, AMAX is a global provider of application-tailored server-to-rack level data centre and cloud solutions. AMAX’s mission is to provide customers with best-in-class hardware & software engineering services and turnkey x86-based solutions that enable them to achieve the greatest performance results and utilise the most powerful computing tools on the market.  


AMAX is consistently an early adopter of disruptive technologies with major mainstream impact, from being one of the first to develop GPU clusters in a collaboration with NVIDIA for massively-parallel computing, as well as architecting award-winning cloud and big data analytics cluster solutions. 

AMAX’s elite roster of engineering experts have worked on some of the top supercomputers in the world. They specialize in HPC, cloud and datacenter applications, networking, storage, and open standards.


AMAX also combines ISO-certified large-scale quality-focused manufacturing capabilities with a comprehensive menu of engineering design, manufacturing, rack integration, global logistics and support services. AMAX has extensive experience developing and deploying clusters built on traditional, OCP or hybrid architectures, and is well versed in the integration of open standards for hardware, software and networking applications.

OEM Server Appliance Manufacturing Solutions

For more than 40 years, product builders have trusted us for our innovative approach to problem solving and excellence. AMAX offers many flexible services that enable our clients to focus on their core competencies and to redirect their resources that will generate the most value for their customers and innovations.AMAX OEM solutions manage your entire product cycle, from rapid prototyping to global manufacturing with unparalleled field reliability and accelerated time to market.

AMAX Solutions include:

AMAX series of products are reference systems for designing highly scalable rack-mount appliances and data center solutions. Product builders and solution providers create their own competitive offerings and achieve the best time-to-market advantages through an extensive portfolio of hardware and software building blocks.

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